VITALIA North Olmsted Employee Appreciation Day

March 2022 – Executive Director Christie Masline

My staff is amazing, they truly encompass a team approach! I love watching them grow in their roles as well as being a part of that growth. Watching them collectively brainstorm to overcome issues and support one another is so exciting. My team supports each other, they are able to have hard conversations and give different points of view while being respectful to each other. A dependable group, they make the day enjoyable for staff and residents.

Opening a new community is a big undertaking. All of my team members, including line staff, pitched in with all departments and helped get organized and set up with last-minute items prior to our opening.

For Employee Appreciation Day I am working on individualized gifts, based on each staff member’s “all about me” sheet. We will also offer order-in lunch for all shifts. I like to write thank you notes and fun cards as well as give little gifts to show how much I appreciate my staff throughout the year. I’ve found little sticky notes titled ” Honorary Unicorn,” thanking them for being so magical, along with funny options and a personal note, to be something different and fun. I also make an effort to thank employees for specific things they have done in conversation or while I am out and about in the community. My staff truly makes Vitalia North Olmsted a great place to work and live. They are so welcoming to new staff and have a desire to grow and succeed together.