Deaf Awareness

From my perspective as the Wellness Director at VITALIA® North Olmsted Senior Living, I think one of the best technology options for seniors with hearing loss or are deaf is the vibrating pillbox. It reminds them to take their medication up to five times per day with audible and vibrating alarms. This device will allow a senior with hearing loss to continue to be more independent with their medication.

Our seniors at North Olmsted could definitely benefit from a vibrating alarm clock. This would allow our residents to remain independent with the times they would like to wake in the morning. I think the Bellman Classic Vibrating Alarm would be the best option for seniors because it is a simple solution that is easy for seniors to use.

Smartphone technology has really increased the ability of seniors with hearing loss or deafness to communicate with everyone around them. There are several apps that help. My favorite is the live transcribe on the iPhone. This technology has given our residents with hearing loss the ability to be more independent. They are able to wake themselves up in the morning and continue to learn to use their cell phones along with new technology. Please feel free to stop in at North Olmsted for a visit. We make many modifications to assist our residents with maintaining their independence.