Spring Cleaning Week

Spring cleaning at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – North Olmsted North Olmsted, OH is well underway. My team is doing a great job helping everyone make the transition from winter and closed to spring and open. At home, we like to clean all our windows inside and out, so we can easily look to see our backyard and our chickens. We also clean out the garage, sweeping out the salt from the Ohio winter that just passed.

One of the benefits of spring cleaning is that it coincides with the start of a nice fresh time of year. You can open all the windows in the house and enjoy the great smells of spring, to get rid of all the yucky winter germs inside.

I will be spring cleaning my car as well. Both of my sons and I play hockey and it’s time to get rid of that hockey smell inside the car. We need a clean, fresh ride for those beautiful, windows-down spring and summer weather rides ahead.