Know that Things Can Be Better.

Everyone has their own reasons for considering senior living. Some enjoy the company of like-minded friends. Others need additional help with cooking, cleaning, and driving. Many need some assistance with personal care as their physical needs increase. VITALIA® is here to serve them all!

We believe care should be holistic, involving physical, social, and emotional aspects. We are always working towards a healthy and happy individual, no matter what department, but it all stems from our wellness program.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Caring for residents is a team effort. Not only involving therapists and health professionals, but everyone in our community participates in improving the lives of residents.

Read on to learn about the pillars that we rely on to provide quality care that produces desired results.

Holistic Care

Care isn’t just about the body – its a mixture of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and emotional parts that make each of us unique. Go beyond living and start thriving.

Care Planning

No two people are the same, and we believe that should be reflected in the way we approach care. By working directly with residents and their families, we can ensure we are leveraging every tool and service available to maximize independence and reduce cost.

Personal Choice

Not only do residents decide their care plan, they decide on the schedule in which that plan is implemented.


Tools to improve quality of life

From simple devices like call buttons to passive monitoring systems, technology at VITALIA® means that we can respond quickly should an issue arise and may be able to prevent crises before they ever occur! Not only that, but we implement technology to keep residents connected to the world at large and, most importantly, their loved ones everywhere.