So Much Available at Your Leisure.

One of the most common misconceptions about senior living is that you will have less space than before. Though your apartment no longer has that third bedroom you never used or formal dining room, senior living is all about increasing your access to amenities.

The whole of VITALIA® is yours to explore and utilize as you like!

Go ahead, invite your family over for dinner in the private dining room. Host a movie night in our theater. Now you can appreciate the time spent with loved ones instead of having to clear off the table or deal with the dishes. VITALIA® is your home – so make the most of it!

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Restaurant dining, whenever you’re hungry.

Our expansive menu is available all day long, from 7 to 7, so you can enjoy a delicious meal whenever you like! There are no set meal times and each meal is made fresh, cooked-to-order.

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Private Dining

Formal dining for you and your guests.

Whether it’s an anniversary or birthday or just because, schedule your own private party anytime. Invite a few friends to pizza or have our team cater your holiday get-together. We are ready to serve.

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Fitness Center

Exercise for any situation.

As we age, we can’t always exercise like we used to. That’s why VITALIA® has exercise equipment that is senior-friendly and classes that are specifically for residents. Exercise on your own or receive instruction with your neighbors to stay active!

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Page-turners and thought-provokers.

Nothing stimulates your mind quite like a good book. The smell of the paper and the soothing sound of the pages flipping carry a comfort like few things do. Whether an exciting thriller, a historical retelling, or an epic fantasy, our library will always have something to keep you engaged.

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Grab a seat. We’ll pop the popcorn.

From classic comedy to today’s sports events, we are open and ready for the show! Join us for educational events, church services, you name it. Welcome to your private theater.

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Outdoor Grounds

It’s too nice to be inside.

We love to get some fresh air at VITALIA®. That’s why we keep our grounds landscaped and beautiful, so that when the great outdoors are calling your name, you have gorgeous scenery right outside your door to enjoy!

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